Makesafe Tarping

Makesafe Tarping is a light weight alternative that is durable and long-lasting.  Moulding easily to the most complex rooflines, Makesafe Tarping is able to be cut around penetrations (such as pipes) and does not interfere with the collection of rainwater.

Makesafe Tarping is a reinforced, fire retarded, recyclable, and  rope free disposable plastic sheeting.  Makesafe Tarping comes in a 30 metre x 6.0 metre roll (ideal for the average home) and contours to every shaped roof with no wind noise.  It also comes in 30 metres x 2.0 metres clear rolls (ideally suited for skylight domes and skylights in factories).  You can cut off any size section you wish instead of using the whole tarp like conventional tarps today.  It is far quicker and cheaper to install than the traditional tarps.  To secure it to the roof we recommend screwing down the tarp using roof screws with cyclone washers.  You only require a battery drill.

Because there are no ropes there is no secondary damage to fences or the guttering, (as ropes tend to pull down over the gutter and damage it).  We can also use it safely on *asbestos roofs as the fibres are contained under the plastic when screwing it down and also tiled roofs.  Further to this, homes on tank water will not have their water collection disrupted as the tarp finishes at the gutter line.

Make Safe Tarping from on Vimeo.

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