How The Australian Builders Network Can Help You

The Australian Builders Network is about making connections and building long lasting business relationships. We help procurement teams find the trades people and companies they need, providing tools and assistance in the way of our free ‘post a job’ function.

We have been working in the insurance building industry for over 10 years and through our experience and knowledge have developed a platform built on building relationships that last.

Finding The Right People

AIBN is about finding the right people to do the right job, at a time when they are needed most. This process can be quite time consuming, so having access to an automated website, such as what is offered here at AIBN, makes the job easier for all concerned.

Trades people and companies who register their details with AIBN are presented with local opportunities, enabling them to build long lasting relationships with large insurance building companies. Without AIBN facilitating this initial contact, trades people and companies can find it difficult to work directly with claims managers and loss adjusters and build sustainable business relationships.

Making Connections

AIBN helps to connect insurance building companies and claims managers with trade companies that are available to complete work, particularly during storm season and natural disasters such as floods and fires. During these times, there is always an excess of insurance work and AIBN helps to fill the gap by providing a means of communication for claims managers and loss adjusters to find and connect with local trades people who can help when needed; reducing the burden from a workload stance.

The team at AIBN welcomes the opportunity to discuss any questions you might have, we are just a phone call away. Or, if you have a job that needs filling or are in need of trades people urgently, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help, or simply post a job or register your business right now.

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