The Australian Insurance Builders Network is like any other business in Australia. We believe in conducting ourselves both fairly and ethically.

Unfortunately, we, like most businesses in this hyper-connected world are not immune from bad reviews from time to time. However, more times than most this is caused by a poor understanding or lack of information and communication.

When doing your due diligence, you may come across one or two genuine disgruntled former members expressing their views and opinions about our services on forums and social media.

We acknowledge all disputes no matter how big or small. We understand that negative news travels a lot faster than positive news. We have engaged all platforms in which you may find such posts. The best way to negate this situation from arising is communication. We believe that well informed people make good business decisions. Please ensure that you visit the following links to see what people are saying about us. – This link is a perfect example of a lack of understanding, as you would have seen across our website. We do not try to hide anything from our members when it comes to return of investment. AIBN works with in the insurance sector and not new builds. Therefore, we can not project or predict how many opportunities will be made available in your area.

You can see that there was an initial post, which is perfectly fine as we are happy to receive any feedback (negative of positive) from our members. Unfortunately when expressed on this platform, the member does not do so in a constructive manner which allows AIBN to provide a positive solution. However, a large majority of the comments following are business who have heard from our Procurement Team but have never experienced the Australian Insurance Builders Network as a paid member.

If you care to read through all of the comments, you will see there are a number of actual members who actually had positive things to say. -The review found on this platform is is no way related to the Australian Insurance Builders Network. ‘Please be careful with AIBN TRADE. They are scammers! They offer you product with fresh photos, live videos until they take your money with their sweet words. They are well known in stealing and cheating so they are one of these people. Please stay away at all costs.’

This is an American based company. The Australian Insurance Builders Network does not manage claims, nor does it take photos or send videos to it’s members. – Another example, of people who have been engaged by our Procurement Team but not experienced our service as a paid member. We understand for those who are not familiar with the insurance industry may be skeptical at the first point of contact.

That is why here at the Australian Insurance Builders Network we believe in arming any potential member with all the information. This ensures that any business looking to engage in AIBN’s services fully understands what to expect and how we fit within the insurance industry in Australia. – Here is where you will find what AIBN members think about the service we provide them.

We understand when making an investment into your business that you want to exercise caution to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company. We would invite any potential member to contact us and organise a time for you to come in to our office and meet our team to get a full understanding of our we operate and what that means for you and your business.

Alternatively, if you are considering becoming a member and would like to know more about how the Australian Insurance Builders Network, please feel free to contact our office from 9am-3pm (AEST) on 1300 729 134.

Kind Regards,
William Barsby
General Manager
Australian Insurance Builders Network





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