Frequently asked questions

Q: What payment terms can I expect from an insurance building company if I am contacted?
A: AIBN does not manage jobs directly. We simply connect our members with the claim management companies and insurance builders who manage the actual repairs and thus we can not answer this question.

At the time of engagement with our client you should always ask the company  these specific questions to make sure you are aware of their payment terms and conditions to ensure that the opportunity is suitable for you.

Q: How much insurance work will be available in the future?
A: As we do not directly manage any repairs we do not have any control over the companies requesting trades from us. We specialise in finding trades for our clients being the insurance builders and claims managers .

If we connect you with one of our clients the volume of work will depend on the quality of service, repairs and the relationship YOU build with them from the introduction provided by AIBN.

Q: What parts of Australia do you cover?
A: We provide trades and service providers to our clients across the entire Australian landscape. Whether it is a metropolitan area, a regional city or a remote town we are used by our clients to connect them with the trades and services they need.

As such any suitable trade contractor or service provider can become a member and AIBN accredited if you are looking to get opportunities within the insurance industry.

Q: How do I make changes to my membership details?
A: If you need to update and change your profile, location or service offering you simply need to contact our office on 1300 729 134 during business hours Monday to Friday and our team will adjust your profile to meet your requirements.

Q: How competitive is it in my area if other trades people are also listed with AIBN?
A: Our system projects capacity requirements based on the volume of requests in every area in Australia. We can also provide you specific information of the current number of AIBN panel members in your area backed with information on the history of requests we have received.

We adjust our capacity to ensure that there is a balance between having enough trades available to match with the volume of clients requests. The internal management of our capacity is not an exact science as the volumes of trade requests we receive can be highly impacted as a result of a significant Catastrophe event.

Q: If I apply for an opportunity on the website do I get that opportunity?

A: Put simply the answer is No. There are many factors in connecting the right trade with our client to ensure that their exact needs are met.

Our goal is to connect each and every member with at least 1 request per year so just because you miss out on request you have applied for don’t be disheartened we are actively working to get you a suitable opportunity that will not only meet your needs but those of our clients.

Our focus is not to connect members for 1 job – we believe if we connect the right business to the right opportunity there is a far greater chance of that relationship evolving into an ongoing one that provides regular work opportunities through that client.


Q: Are there any guarantees of a return of investment?

A: There are NO guarantees that becoming a member of AIBN will lead to a job or any contract opportunities. Whilst it is our goal to connect each of our members with at least 1 opportunity per year there are many external factors outside of our control that can impact the volume of work.

Based on the data we have collected and analysed over the last 3 years, the main driver for client requests are Storms.

In 2015 and 2016 following the large scale storms in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Melbourne, & Adelaide we have been in situations where the requests for trades have outnumbered our members on a scale of 10 to 1

In saying that if you are in an area that has escaped any large scale natural disasters we may not be offered any request for trades due to the minimal available insurance work in your area and ultimately we may not be able to provide you with any opportunities throughout the course of your annual membership.

Q: I am a member on the panel and I have not received any requests or calls for opportunities

If you are a current member and you have not received any calls during your membership period. Don’t Stress. Call our office on 1300 729 134 to have a chat with one of our procurement team and we can review the system data to provide you with information and feedback accordingly. If you are a quality trade business we definitely want to make our service work for you so that you are on our trade panel for the long run.

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