About AIBN

Our strategy is to provide a communications channel through our network of insurance companies, broking houses, loss adjusters, builders, trades and suppliers within the insurance industry, particularly for those working on the coal face.

What AIBN Can Do For You

The Australian Insurance Builders Network is about making connections. Connections to those companies and trades people that need it most, at a time when things might be chaotic and downright confusing.

We are about providing a service that is not available to the public, only to members. This is about providing services to procurement teams from large insurance building companies, claims managers and loss adjusters who need to find the right trades people to meet their needs.


Although we have the ability for a client to post a request or job on our website they never really request a trade via the website, It is usually the staff at AIBN that will post a request if we cannot get hold of any of our trades. That is not how we facilitate our day to day requests and is a very small part of what we do.

When an Insurance building company contacts us for a trade company we search that trade in that area via our database of AIBN accredited trades, once we find a AIBN accredited trade we call them and discuss the opportunity and who its with, payment terms etc. Once we have an AIBN accredited trade that is interested and suitable we send there details to the person from the insurance building company to take it further.


People wanting relationships with insurance builders/claim managers

If you’re a trades person or company trying to decide whether you should register your details with us, here are a few reasons why you should:

  1. AIBN promotes the website to procurement teams from large building insurance companies, including loss adjusters and claims managers
  2. When these companies need trades people to do insurance work, they will contact AIBN to request suitable trade companies to contract the work to.
  3. In return, AIBN (via the website) will filter through trades people and companies that are AIBN accredited with us who match the category of request , and email a link to that trades person/company with the opportunity. Or email the insurance claim manager the details of the AIBN accredited trade so that they can contact them.
  4. As an AIBN accredited trade you can ask any questions to the Insurance builder/Claim manager when they contact you to make sure that it is a suitable opportunity for you.

If you’re awarded an insurance job, you then have the opportunity to build a relationship (outside of AIBN) with a company that has a lot of work, which can lead to ongoing work for you, and expansion of your business in the insurance industry.

We consider that these relationships are not easy to get and that we are the best help money can buy in Australia.

Insurance Builders are requesting trades from AIBN on a daily basis.

We are the only company in Australia doing what we do.

These opportunities through us are not available to the public, only to registered members (AIBN accredited trades)

Although this is the process we go through you are not guaranteed an insurance building relationship or any amount of work by being one of our trades.

Companies Needing Trades

Large insurance building companies, along with loss adjusters and claims managers are always needing more trades people/companies to do work for them, particularly during storms or natural disaster events, such as floods and fires.

However, the process for these companies to find reliable and quality trades people is time consuming. By contacting AIBN via telephone or email, the staff at AIBN can facilitate there needs taylor made to suit in the timeframes requested. This can include compliance checks and filtering through suitable trades as per the request.

If you’re listing a job, you can literally copy and paste your job scope into the “post a job” function, complete a couple of details and hit ‘submit’. Within seconds, the site will automatically filter through our members and send an email with your job details to appropriate trades people and companies within a 100km radius.

You’ll save time and money on trying to find the right people to help with your excess insurance work, or save time in building your initial supply chains wherever they may be.

If you’re a insurance building company, loss adjuster or claims manager, get in contact with us and enquire how we can find someone to ease your excess insurance workload as our service is free and we are sure you will be impressed. Or give us a call on 1300 729 134 to speak with someone who can help with trade procurement.




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