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I have been a member with AIBN and have continued to renew my membership. Through AIBN I have been able to continue to develop working relationships with various insurance builders and I have always found them to be professional. Jay October 2017
Owner / Acer Services
I am a member with Australian Insurance Builder Network and since joining I have found them to be very professional and my experience has been very positive. I have established opportunities with a few different insurance builders and have had on going work through them. Simon, 16th October 2017
Owner / Economy Roofing and Guttering
I took a bit of a gamble to be honest as AIBN were still very new and I wasn't able to speak to any old members. But in saying that it all worked out for the best and I got a few good relationships out of it. I have since stopped taking on new contacts as I got too much work from the claim managers I had contact with. Rob Johns 10th November
Rob Johns
Owner / Mates Group Pty Ltd
I am very happy with AIBN. Since I have become a member I have been connected with insurance work through them. I have advertised in there magazine and also done a directory listing and am happy with the results. 31st July 2014
Alistair Sawers
The staff at AIBN were very helpful in answering all of my questions, as I was very sceptical about what was being offered when they initially called me. The network has made it easy for our Painting Business to connect with local Insurance Builders around Brisbane who have been awarded repair contracts from the Insurance Companies. Signing up has given us an opportunity to build new relationships with clients that have regular work that needs to be completed by professional trade service providers. We have found that when you hook up with the Builders coordinating the work, some provide jobs to be completed on fixed amounts, others are quoted to be accepted or not, and some Insurance builders prefer the work to be done on a charge up basis, so the process varies, as do the job sizes, and amount of work available, but overall the jobs are usually financially viable. 22nd August 2016
Shane Traub
Managing Director / Aussie Painters Direct
I have been a member with AIBN for two years now and have always found them to be very professional and easy to deal with. Since becoming a member I have had many great leads and established business relationships with insurance builders. Dave 9th October 2017
Director / Signature Roofing and Guttering
AIBN has opened the door for Modern Home Builders to a network of accredited insurance builders. We now have many contacts and our AIBN membership has been a success. 7th of July 2016
Patrick Monica
We found AIBN Helpful connecting us with builders doing insurance works . I do recommend AIBN to tradies who are looking for more work from reputable companies. The demand is exceptional. 23rd November 2016
Owner / Metropolitan Painters
when I originally signed up with the AIBN I thought I was taking a bit of a risk but in the end I was very happy with the result as I have gained a lot of extra work. I would personally recommend them to businesses within my industry. There support was great. 14th July 2014
Lee Smith
At first I was hesitant to pay the annual fee to AIBN, but after the first referral I haven't looked back. I am happily in the second year with AIBN and I am looking forward to more opportunities. Peter EriLine Pty Ltd. 11th September 2017
Director / EriLine Pty Ltd
AIBN has been instrumental in the development of our business. The AIBN team has helped us to secure a working relationship with a fantastic repeat commercial client. We hope to use AIBN's contacts to further grow our business in 2017. Thanks AIBN 17th October 2016
Brodie Houghton
As a trade Contractor, I was initially skeptical about joining Australian Insurance Builders Network, but since joining the relationships have been good solid leads and have led to a significant amount of work from the insurance builders I have been forwarded to. I can thoroughly recommend joining AIBN. Ian Richardson 16.01.18
Ian Richardson
Director / Richardson Professional Painting Services
I was a little apprehensive at first, but since joining and becoming a member with AIBN and I have been inundated with opportunities and work. 7th July 2016
Geoff Shrimski
Owner / BlueGum Building
What a game changer the AIBN has been for our business. Working with such a professional, dedicated team has allowed us to expand our contact network, and bring our services to a whole new level. We look forward to continued growth and ongoing success. 9th July 2016
Sorel Campbell
Office Manager / TomKat Roofing
I was a little skeptical in the beginning, thinking just another company that promises everything and delivers nothing. However, once I joined AIBN they have been fantastic. Their follow up service was great and the opportunities they sent my way have been invaluable. They are a great company to deal with 1st May 2017
Simon Conte
Owner / FFM Carpentry
I have been a builder for 30 years and its taken me 30 years to find a company like AIBN, that deliver what they say in a very professional way. They have been great to deal with. Their follow up is fantastic and I am very happy. 2nd May 2017
Barry Hampton
Owner / Hampton Building Services